Cordimmune--- Improves Libido, Immune System, & General Health

Cordimmune--- Improves Libido, Immune System, & General Health
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Cordyceps sinensis, or Chinese caterpillar fungus, has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) as a precious tonic food and medicine. It received attention in the West only after several Chinese runners on a Cordyceps containing diet established various world long-distance records in 1993. Extensive research in China in the last 20 years has uncovered the main effects of the fungus to be increased efficiency of oxygen-utilization, oxygen free-radical scavenging, anti aging, hypo lipidemic, anti atherosclerotic and sexual function restorative. However, due to the rareness of natural Cordyceps, it was available before only to Chinese royal families and the richest few. With modern deep-layer fermentation technology, we can now mass cultivate Cordyceps and make it much more affordable to all. Cordimmune is a proven Canadian/Chinese formula based on 100% cultivated Cordyceps and and previous Cordyceps clinical trials in China. Functions of Cordimmune are detailed as follows:

·Sexual function: improves female & male sexual function and intracellular ATP production.

·Hepatic system: activates Kupffer cell function, increases SOD and glutathione peroxidase in liver, raises plasma albumin, inhibits inflammation and liver fibrosis.

·Cardiovascular system: inhibits thrombus formation, hypotensive, mildly inhibits platelet aggregation, vasodilation, reduces heart rate, reduces arrhythmia induced by aconitine, hypolipidemic.

·Immune system: modulates cellular immune function, inhibits humoral immune hyperfunction, prevent inhibition of NK cells by cyclophosphamide, protects T helper cells from immunosuppression effects of prednisolone acetate and cyclophosphamide, prolongs allograft survival time, increase spleen weigh.

·Endocrine system: increases corticosteroid production (differently than ACTH), stimulates bone marrow hematogenesis function.

·Anti-cancer: inhibits Ehrlich ascites carcinoma, Meth A fibrosarcoma, K562, Jurkat, Wm-1342, HL-60 and RPMI-8226 cell lines; promotes differentiation.

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