Hawthornia- Early Hernia Remedy

Hawthornia- Early Hernia Remedy
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When pain or cramps occur in the lower abdominal area, it may be due to a hernia or muscle weakness. There are about 5 million hernia sufferers in the United States. Since there are no recognized medications for hernias with the exception of hiatal hernia (a stomach problem), the standard treatment is surgery.

IN TCM, hernias (except hiatal hernia) and other related symptoms may be caused by general weakening of Qi or over-exertion. Hawthornia is a 100% natural formula well proven in China to be effective in restoring the weakened Qi in human body. Thus Hawthornia could relieve most symptoms of groin, femoral, and inguinal hernias, and some of umbilical hernias. Hawthornia is especially effective in the early stages of occurrence.