Lucid-Head---Cleans clots & toxins in the head to relief vertigo, early dementia, headaches, **sub-health conditions, etc.

Lucid-Head---Cleans clots & toxins in the head to relief vertigo, early dementia, headaches, **sub-health conditions, etc.
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This 100% natural herbal formula is based on Chinese decoctions proven effective to relieve, in the early stage, symptoms of nervous system and vascular disorders in the head, including pain, dizziness, blurredness, forgetfulness, etc. (but without infections or other diseases). The causes of these symptoms may include:

1. High blood pressure: sometimes, when blood pressure reaches extreme levels, one may experience headache, blurry or double vision, abdominal or chest pain, shortness of breath, and dizziness.

2. Dizziness includes light-headedness and feeling faint or vertigo. Vertigo is a feeling of spinning, whirling, or moving feeling and dizziness occurred together. Vertigo may indicate an inner ear balance disorder.

3. Deterioration of mental ability due to aging or blockage or leakage of blood vessels, which may include pre or post-stroke, early Parkinson's or Alzheimer's conditions, etc.

4. Headaches: the most common headaches are tension, migraine and cluster headaches, caused by serotonin imbalance, are usually treated by painkillers, which may have un-wanted side-effects. (The less common types of headache are post-traumatic, sinus, jaw-joint, exercise or sexual activity-induced, and allergic headaches, etc., most of these infection or disease-induced headaches should be cured by treating the source problems.)

5. **Sub-health conditions: defined by the World Health Organization as a state between health and disease when all necessary physical and chemical indexes are tested negative by medical equipments, things seem normal but the person experiences all kind of discomfit and even pain.

Symptoms of Sub-health Conditions include: a. Chronic fatigue as results of over taxing physical and mental work or long term stress, such as insomnia, forgetfulness, somnolence, profuse dreaming, dizziness, distention in the head, mental fatigue, cumbersome limbs, shoulder and back soreness, lack of concentration, proneness to flu and cold, etc.; b. Poor appetite, dizzy head and vision, depression and fright, vexation, agitation, irascibility, tidal fever, vacuity sweating, congestion, short of breath, general body weakness, irregular menses, poor sexual performance which are the results of endocrine disorders, menopausal complex and aging; and general lack of strength, which occur after a serious illness or chronic diseases.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), these symptoms indicate that blood clots or mucus have hindered microcirculation, or toxins due to biological or chemical sources may have blocked blood vessels in the head. Aging or stresses (due to mood or hormonal changes) may have de-stabilized the nervous system. Lucid-Head is based on time-proven herbal formulas of TCM to relieve the above symptoms by cleaning the toxins, mucus, and clots, improving blood microcirculation, quelling the nervous system, etc. Lucid-Head has no known side effects.