**Sub-Health Conditions and Supplements

According to the World Health Organization statistics, about 20% of world population have some kind of diseases, 5-10% are perfectly healthy physically and mentally, the rest 70-75% are in sub-health conditions.

Sub-health conditions are not diseases, thus there are no drugs available to cure. People use Diet changes and Supplements to remedy sub-health conditions. TCM formulas were proven most effective for sub-health conditions since TCM methods are based on symptoms of each person. To understand this fact, you need to know when and how to use WHICH supplement?

Since there are thousands if not millions of supplements on the market, the simplest rule to find the proper supplement is based on the hope to relieve a particular symptom (when you have multiple symptoms, relieve the most serious one first). You could search online by entering your major symptom to find a proper supplement. However, if that symptom is not relieved in a month by that supplement, you should stop using that supplement and find another one (mixed use of many supplements may confuse your search). Therefore, it is easy to see which supplement is the proper one for your symptom.

Some of our TCM formulas relieve certain symptoms of sub-health conditions, they are described in the following links.