Q-O-Fire---Nature's Proven Relief for Inflammation Symptoms

Q-O-Fire---Nature's Proven Relief for Inflammation Symptoms
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Introduction: Inflammation is a basic way the body reacts to infection, irritation, or other injury. Acute inflammations may look like early infections, symptoms may include fever, cough, sneeze, sore throat, sweat and coldness, nasal congestion, short of breath, vomiting, fatigue, etc. Chronic inflammations are identified by five characteristics: pain, swelling, redness, heat, and organ dysfunction in the affected area, and could exist for a prolonged period without being relieved.

Inflammation is a type of immune response, it may not be a disease, but it is associated with many diseases. In fact any disease with suffix “itis” means inflammation. Inflammations are usually treated with antibiotics/drugs according to the particular disease. However, there are infections for which no cure-drugs are available, or after the infections were cured, some inflammations persist, which may have been caused by the scars, cellular debris, or toxins of the infection/drug interactions, or auto-immune problems. Western medications may not be able to relieve all symptoms.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory, inflammations are considered as over-excited (hyper) Qi, or bodily Fire, in the body systems. Usually regarded as low in body's defense, which indicated the lack of body fluids (Water) and/or immune function deficiencies. TCM tackles these problems by balancing the bodily Fire and Water and by improving body fluids production and enhancing the immune functions, therefore the body itself can repair the scars, flush out the debris or toxins, quell the heat and thus relieve the symptoms. In China, the basic formulas consisting Q-O-Fire were proven over the years to relieve most symptoms except in organ dysfunction or allergic conditions. Q-O-Fire has no known side effects.