Shrink-&-Clean---- Nature's Proven Cleanser for Benign Lumps

Shrink-&-Clean---- Nature's Proven Cleanser for Benign Lumps
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This 100% natural herbal formula is based on proven Chinese decoctions effective in shrinking or cleaning benign lumps in the body systems. Especially those lumps without skin-color changes, no fever nor pain associated with them. The locations of lumps may include the neck, breasts, thyroidal, abdominal, or colon area. Symptoms of colon lumps or polyps could have belly pain, long term diarrhea with sticky stool, pus, or blood, or alternate constipation and diarrhea. Other lumps usually have no pain or other symptoms. The constituents of lumps may include waste body fluids, cellular debris, cartilage, fat or fibrocystic tissues. Usually the reasons of occurrence and the Western medicinal treatment for these lumps are not certain. In TCM, these lumps are regarded as abnormal tissue growth due to stagnation of blood clots, phlegm, or debris. Shrink-&-Clean is effective in cleaning these growth or accumulations at their early stage of occurrence, to improve immune system, and to reduce the chance of lumps from happening. Shrink-&-Clean has no known side effects.