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Hawthornia Hawthornia relieves symptoms of early hernias, including groin hernias, inguinal hernias, some umbilical hernias, but is not suitable for hiatus hernias or incision hernias. Hawthornia may also relieve lower abdominal pain, cramps, muscle stretch, discomfort, weakness, intestine protrusion, pinched intestine, other internal organs dislocation or dropped due to over exertion, weight lifting, heaving lifting, sport injuries, and general body weakness. Hawthornia may negate the need for surgery. 500 mg/cap, 60 cap/bottle, MSRP $40/bottle.

Hema-Recover Hema-Recover relieves the symptoms of anemia, hematologic disorders, including the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, low blood cell counts, toxic injuries, chemical injuries, radiation injuries, dirty bomb injuries, nuclear radiation injuries, low red cells, low white cells, low platelets, fatigue, dizziness, headache, retarded response, tiredness, short of breath, hypoxia, hair loss, lack of libido, menses irregularity, difficult of urination, general dryness, internal heat, bone marrow suppression, internal bleeding, bleeding under skin, cancer treatment side-effects, etc. Hema-Recover rebuilds blood components and expels toxins in the body to achieve fast recovery from difficult-to-treat anemia and weakness problems. 500 mg/cap, 60 cap/bottle, MSRP $45/bottle.

Lucid-Head Lucid-Head relieves symptoms of nervous system and vascular disorders in the head, including vertigo, headaches, dizziness, blurredness, forgetfulness, **sub-health conditions, etc. The causes may include: High blood pressure, Vertigo, or inner ear balance disorder, and Early Parkinsonís or Alzheimerís conditions, Headaches (including tension, migraine and cluster headaches). Lucid-Head is the natural alternative to painkillers, which generally have some side-effects. 500 mg/cap, 60 cap/bottle, MSRP $45/bottle.

Mammo-Guard Mammo-Guard relieves symptoms of benign breast lumps, breast pain, breast cysts, fibrocystic breast, DCIS, most benign breast problems, breast gland hyperplasia, mastitis, mastalgia, abnormal breast discharge, milk duct blockage, lymphatic duct blockage, breast swelling, lymphatic node swelling, atypical ductal hyperplasia, low fever in breasts, pre-cancer stage benign tumors, etc. Mammo-Guard is the natural alternative to many types of breast surgeries. 500 mg/cap, 60 cap/bottle, MSRP $45/bottle.

MenoYouth (out of stock) MenoYouth relieves symptoms of low-Ying including menopause, hot flashes, night sweat, some PMS, some CFS, mood swings, depression, some acne, early diabetes, fatigue, insomnia, low libido, vaginal dryness, sagging breasts, dry skin, dry hairs, lack of body fluid, internal heating, warmer hands and feet, dizziness, unstable blood pressure, palpitation, irregular menses, early menostasis, osteoporosis, waist and back pains, low immune systems, blood clots, fluid retention, irregular pulse, false angina pectoris, etc. MenoYouth is a natural alternative to HRT. 500 mg/cap, 60 cap/bottle, MSRP $35/bottle.

O-J-Soothe O-J-Soothe relieves chronic musculo-skeletal disorder symptoms, including heel and joint pains, swollen, deformed, non-flexible or stiff joints and muscles, etc. (not suitable for symptoms accompanied by an open wound, red-hot skin, or bone fracture). The causes include Injuries, Degenerations, Musculo-skeletal inflammations; without skin redness or heat. 500 mg/cap, 60 cap/bottle, MSRP $40/bottle.

Q-O-Fire Q-O-Fire relieves most inflammation symptoms identified by pain and/or swelling with redness and/or heat in the affected area, except in organ dysfunction or certain allergic conditions. Including aging inflammations, Sjogrenís syndrome (dry eye & mouth), herpes, lupus, shingles, hay fever, etc. 500 mg/cap, 60 cap/bottle, MSRP $30/bottle.

Shrink-&-Clean Shrink-&-Clean is effective in shrinking/cleaning benign lumps. Especially those lumps without skin-color changes, no fever or pain associated with them. The locations of lumps may include the neck, breasts, thyroidal, abdominal, or colon area. Symptoms of colon lumps or polyps could have belly pain, long term diarrhea with sticky stool, pus, or blood, or alternate constipation and diarrhea. Other lumps usually have no pain or other symptoms. 500 mg/cap, 60 cap/bottle, MSRP $45/bottle.

U-I-Check U-I-Check relieves symptoms of urinary incontinence, frequent night urination, bed-wetting, involuntary urine loss, un-controlled bladder, urge incontinence, short breaths, low endurance, tiredness, menís premature ejaculation, osteoporosis, waist and back pains, low sex drive, menís impotence, cold hands and feet, fear of cold, aging kidney, low energy, etc. In Chinese medicine, these are symptoms of low-Yang. U-I-Check is the natural alternative to bladder surgeries or Kegel exercises, etc. 500 mg/cap, 60 cap/bottle, MSRP $45/bottle.

U-O-Clear U-O-Clear relieves symptoms of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, multiple fibroids, some endometriosis, pelvic cramps or pain, dysmenorrhea, irregular period, heavy menses, blood clots and dots in menses, low fever, tiredness, weakness, anemia, pelvic bloating or high abdominal pressure, urination changes, infertility etc., which are caused by fibroids or cysts or benign pelvic lumps or tumors. U-O-Clear is an alternative to hysterectomy or other surgeries. 500 mg/cap, 60 cap/bottle, MSRP $50/bottle.